Learn the accent spoken by British newsreaders, presenters, and the top British actors in Hollywood.

Whether you need help articulating the basic sounds of English or wish to refine your RP accent, this site has a range of courses to offer. 

My courses break down the sounds of British RP into their simplest forms. Time based and spaced repetition help you internalise the sounds at a comfortable pace.

Currently, I offer the following audio based shadowing courses:


  • The Basic Building Blocks of Speech
  • Shadowing Exercises for Improved Fluency
  • RP Accent Training for General American Speakers

The Basic Building Blocks of Speech is an audio based repeition program that I initially created to help my students develop confidence in articulating the most basic sounds of English. This four hour audio course spans over four different levels. Sounds are introduced in their simplest forms and gradually combined to form more complex structures. The main target for this program is non-native English speakers. Currently the first two levels of this course are available on this site.

Shadowing Exercises for Fluency is a time based repetition program suited to anyone from non-native English speakers to native English speakers. This course is ideal for those who struggle with fluency and rhythm. Words are introduced one-by-one and then combined into phrases and sentence structures.

RP Accent Training for General American Speakers was created to help students avoid mistakes commonly made by those from  an American English speaking background. This includes lightening the /l/ sounds and avoiding the rolling of the tongue.

My video based courses covering the fundamentals of Received Pronunciation are available on the Thinkific platform:



For resources related to British English pronunciation, visit: